Thursday, 3 April 2008

Indian's were cheated by misleading information

Indian's were all out for 76 runs in 20 overs in the second Test in Ahmedabad against South Africa where Dale Steyn took 5 for 23. When everyone was shocked by the performance of Indian Batting, it was later learnt that the poor performance was due to the misleading information given by the Team Management.

The team was told in the morning by the Management that there is a change in the match format and it's going be a 20-20 match today. The team was shocked by the sudden change in the match format and couldn't believe what they heard. But they were convinced by the Management and said that it will be a good practise for them to play in IPL. There were also told that Tendulkar knows this earlier and that's why he opted out in the name of injury.

Believing this the Indian team played well to make 76 runs in 20 overs. They felt that it was a good score until that shocking truth was revealed by the management. The management said that it was really a Test match and not a 20-20 one. They had played this prank on the Indian team for an April Fool contest. They also said that they never knew that India would be all out so soon. After India went to bat, the Management had left the stadium to have a tea in the near by Tea Stall. They were planning to reveal the truth after going back to the stadium. But when they came back, it was all over. The Indians were all out even before the tea break. The Indian team was really upset on this with the management as the entire team had planned to go for the movie 'Race' noon show after the match.

But without showing their disappointment, the Indian team admitted that they also played a prank to fool the Team Management and the Indian Fans. That's why they made only 76 runs though there were capable of making 500+ runs like they did in the last match. It was all fun in the dressing room. Hope you all enjoyed too;)