Thursday, 24 April 2008

The French Teacher!

This is one of the incident during my school days that I would never forget!

After our 10th school holidays, the school just reopened. We were really happy to come back to school after the long holidays and were happy to see our friends.

Till that year we had only Tamil, Hindi and Sanskrit as second language but that year they introduced French in our school. They appointed a new teacher for teaching French. There were only a few to take up French since many were hesitant whether they could score good marks.

The French teacher looked very modern and students(especially boys;) were trying to impress her. On the second day evening after the French teacher joined our school, I was walking towards my home with my friends. There was this guy whose house was just nearby our school and he was in commerce group. He came up to us in his cycle and asked us how to wish 'Good Evening' in French as one my friend in our group has taken French. His second language was Hindi but he still wanted to speak to the French teacher and show-off.

My friend suddenly told him that 'Good Evening' means 'Gowri' in French. We saw the French teacher coming out of the school after her work and we started moving. He said thanks to us and started driving towards the school. He was driving the cycle like Siddarth used to drive in the Movie 'Boys' to impress Genelia. As he went near the French teacher, he smiled at her and then slightly bent his head down and said 'Gowri' at the top of his voice and moved on. The French teacher showed a confused and angry look at him but didn't say a word. Seeing her angry look this guy was perplexed.

He took a round and came back to us again. He asked us innocently why the French teacher didn't say anything and showed angry face. By this time all of us burst into laughter for atleast 5 mins and slowly one of us told him that the French teacher's name was 'Gowri'! You should have seen his face that time;) (he scolded us for atleast 10 mins continuously with all the bad words he knows).