Saturday, 26 April 2008

Bhaji proved that he is indeed an Obnoxious Weed

When Matthew Hayden called Harbhajan Singh an 'obnoxious little weed' I was very upset with Hayden who is one of the best cricketer in the world. But now I feel that he is right.

When Harbhajan can slap his own colleague, he could have done anything to the Australians. It's definitely against the spirit of the game. I really appreciate Sreesanth for not hitting back on Bhaji though he is very aggressive and remained calm, otherwise like it always happens in cricket he would have got punished. But he shouldn't have cried like a school boy.

I have never seen the Indian players getting annoyed so much like this except very few even after losing an International match. We can call that as Sportsmanship but why this extreme reaction for just losing in an IPL match? Is it the money that made Harbhajan to behave like this?

Harbhajan may have had a long chat with Sreesanth just as a gimmick to escape from being punished. But IPL has did the right thing to suspend him from the IPL temporarily. I hope he won't escape this time like he escaped from Symonds racial controversy. Speaking about the Harbhajan-Symonds racial controversy, it makes me think now that Harbhajan might have called Symonds 'a Monkey'.

If India wins 90% of their matches loses only a few then this kind of action can be justified. But our ratio of Winning vs Losing is 50-50%. So think before you act.

Bhaji, "I'm a great fan of your bowling. You are really a wonderful cricketer but first learn how to depict sportsmanship in a cricket field. Otherwise you might lose all your fans all over the world."


Anonymous said...

Dhina=>I expect more such behaviours because the players are under high pressure playing these IPL matches, especially Indian players. You are getting paid for 2 or 3 years salary to play for just 45 days in IPL. The pressure will be too high, if you loose your reputation next time you won't be bid for or will be bid for a poultry value and will become unpopular in your own country and my even loose your place in the national team as that is the way cricket is playing in our country...foreigners don't mind that i think, they don't care about popularity in India and if they are not bid for next series they will have anyway more options to play in other parts of the world like U.K. That is why player like Symonds was laughing / smiling when his final over cost the team that game. I look at these IPL players like gladiators (slaves) exactly as shown in that GLADIATOR movie. They are paid to fight like a dog if they fail who knows at the background what bad words they will have to face from preity zinta, juhi chawla, shahrukh khan etc. They were enjoying life with the Indian Team, where even if you do not play, no-one will dare to even tell them anything harsh as Indian cricket board can afford it as they do not pay them so high and their main money comes from advertisements...IPL is pure business and I think it will spoil cricket & relationships of crickets wtih other popular communities in India like Cinema, Media etc...

Anonymous said...

Vasanth=> One more IMPORTANT thing in this is that..... our players are split up and put in different teams....
Thats very very bad in my point of view.... bcaz now itself two of the good friends of our Indian Cricket team has had a fight.... who knows what will happen in the future?? Yuvaraj, Sreesanth might fight with Dhoni (or) Uthappa, shewag, gambhir may fight with Ishanth Sharma (or) not only batsman bowler controversy, but there can be Batsman to Batsman controversy too..... what if Dhoni and shewag fights? especially bcaz both are captains of their teams.....
If these things happens..... Indian team will collapse again. What will happen to the understanding and brotherly feeling among our Indian Cricket team?? It will be a Big Question mark :-( Wil there be support and unity in our Indian team after this IPL is over??
And media.... this is one of the worst thing in India. Suppose IPL finals is between Chennai & Delhi (or) Punjab & Kolkatta. The next Indian match, (if Chennai loses the match in finals) if at all Shewag or Yuvaraj or Ganguly is injured and dropped from team. Then media will broadcast it as, Dhoni wantedly dropped that player to take his revenge happened on IPL to his team.

Dont know where this is going..... our players should change means their mindset. And even our Indian crowds behavior.

As sathi said, Chennai crowd is the best in India. No need of any proof to say that, history says it. Hope u both wouldn't have seen this match, Shewag hitting 90 not out and finishing the match in quick fashion. In that match Shewag played a superb innings, and when he reached 50 -> he raised his bat to the crowd and was surprised by the pin-drop silence from them. He was asking the whole crowd in Gesture like "what happened to u all?", "aren't u the people who cheered me when i hit 100's and 200's?", "aren't u forgetting that i am an Indian?". But still the crowd was very silent. Even the commentators (some foreign men, forgot his name) was surprised and infact laughed at our Indian crowd. Its a shame for us :-( I think our India is becoming - mumbai, delhi, punjab, kolkatta seperately..... :-( Its like the famous tamil saying "ooru rendu patta koothadikku kondattam". After all these things, i wonder is this IPL needed for us?? atleast they should have played with Foreign players and local state players & dropped the current Indian players. As a bonus, they could've asked the older players like sachin, dravid, ganguly, laxman, kumble etc... who are dropped from 20-20 and one day squad to play in the IPL from them. I strongly believe that our Indian Current One-Day Team members should be dropped entirely from this IPL.