Saturday, 26 April 2008

Chennai Crowd proved it again...

Chennai crowd has proved it again that they are the most knowledgeable crowd in India. I'm really proud of them.

No other state can match Chennai crowd in terms of encouraging the talent wherever it is.
They love the game, they applaud, appreciate and give standing ovation to any player who plays well even if their favorite side is losing.

We can't forget the standing ovation given by the same Chennai crowd to Saeed Anwar who scored 194, a record in one day cricket and still unbeaten. I was really upset when Anwar was scoring in that match and starting scolding the bowlers Kumble, Prasad etc. who had let him score so much but once when I the saw the standing ovation given by the crowd my mind changed and I cooled down myself. Anwar is still one of the dangerous batsmen in Cricket.

Every team who had played in Chennai had never missed to appreciate the sporting crowd of Chennai and entertained them.

Cricket is just a sports and not a war. I hope in every other state the crowd should try to be smart and entertaining crowds rather than targeting the opponent players which really gives a bad impression about India.

Bhaji proved that he is indeed an Obnoxious Weed

When Matthew Hayden called Harbhajan Singh an 'obnoxious little weed' I was very upset with Hayden who is one of the best cricketer in the world. But now I feel that he is right.

When Harbhajan can slap his own colleague, he could have done anything to the Australians. It's definitely against the spirit of the game. I really appreciate Sreesanth for not hitting back on Bhaji though he is very aggressive and remained calm, otherwise like it always happens in cricket he would have got punished. But he shouldn't have cried like a school boy.

I have never seen the Indian players getting annoyed so much like this except very few even after losing an International match. We can call that as Sportsmanship but why this extreme reaction for just losing in an IPL match? Is it the money that made Harbhajan to behave like this?

Harbhajan may have had a long chat with Sreesanth just as a gimmick to escape from being punished. But IPL has did the right thing to suspend him from the IPL temporarily. I hope he won't escape this time like he escaped from Symonds racial controversy. Speaking about the Harbhajan-Symonds racial controversy, it makes me think now that Harbhajan might have called Symonds 'a Monkey'.

If India wins 90% of their matches loses only a few then this kind of action can be justified. But our ratio of Winning vs Losing is 50-50%. So think before you act.

Bhaji, "I'm a great fan of your bowling. You are really a wonderful cricketer but first learn how to depict sportsmanship in a cricket field. Otherwise you might lose all your fans all over the world."

Thursday, 24 April 2008

The French Teacher!

This is one of the incident during my school days that I would never forget!

After our 10th school holidays, the school just reopened. We were really happy to come back to school after the long holidays and were happy to see our friends.

Till that year we had only Tamil, Hindi and Sanskrit as second language but that year they introduced French in our school. They appointed a new teacher for teaching French. There were only a few to take up French since many were hesitant whether they could score good marks.

The French teacher looked very modern and students(especially boys;) were trying to impress her. On the second day evening after the French teacher joined our school, I was walking towards my home with my friends. There was this guy whose house was just nearby our school and he was in commerce group. He came up to us in his cycle and asked us how to wish 'Good Evening' in French as one my friend in our group has taken French. His second language was Hindi but he still wanted to speak to the French teacher and show-off.

My friend suddenly told him that 'Good Evening' means 'Gowri' in French. We saw the French teacher coming out of the school after her work and we started moving. He said thanks to us and started driving towards the school. He was driving the cycle like Siddarth used to drive in the Movie 'Boys' to impress Genelia. As he went near the French teacher, he smiled at her and then slightly bent his head down and said 'Gowri' at the top of his voice and moved on. The French teacher showed a confused and angry look at him but didn't say a word. Seeing her angry look this guy was perplexed.

He took a round and came back to us again. He asked us innocently why the French teacher didn't say anything and showed angry face. By this time all of us burst into laughter for atleast 5 mins and slowly one of us told him that the French teacher's name was 'Gowri'! You should have seen his face that time;) (he scolded us for atleast 10 mins continuously with all the bad words he knows).

Saturday, 19 April 2008

Singapore Roads...

Last week I got a chance to travel from almost one end to other end of Singapore by Car. I was really impressed by the quality of roads and the number of trees along the roadside. The pictures above were taken by me from the car. I've already been to many places in Singapore and it's so green everywhere even in the heart of the city. The roads are so broad as compared to the roads in India.

At many places in Singapore you can find Garden's and Forest or Nature Reserve's. Yes, you read it right. It's forest. Sime Forest, Nee Soon, Bukit Timah Nature Reserve and Bukit Panjang are few of the forests to mention. Singapore is a clean and well planned Garden City. This makes me wonder how they are able to maintain this. Singapore being so small (692.7 sq km - less than half the size of Delhi), it will be good for them to destroy these and make use of the land for commercial or living purpose. But they don't want to do that.

This shows that Singapore is well aware about the Global Warming effects. The raise of temperature around the world would cause the sea levels to raise which is really dangerous for Singapore. So, Planting trees is one way to tackle Global Warming. But there are some controversies around this theory as some say that the Trees will also cause Global Warming.

I was shocked when I read it. They say that though the trees absorb C02 and produce oxygen they also produce some methane and this would cause Global Warming. But I still can't accept this. I think because of the deforestation the temperature got increased. Trees will absorb the sunlight and heat and convert them into energy. It's cooler to stand underneath a shade tree rather than in the open sun. It's as simple as that. There are many other benefits from growing trees which we have been studying from the school and it's the nature. Anything against the nature is only dangerous. People are already destroying the forest and if they started believing that the trees could cause Global Warming, I can't imagine where it will end.

Read about Global Warming in Wikipedia.

Thursday, 3 April 2008

Indian's were cheated by misleading information

Indian's were all out for 76 runs in 20 overs in the second Test in Ahmedabad against South Africa where Dale Steyn took 5 for 23. When everyone was shocked by the performance of Indian Batting, it was later learnt that the poor performance was due to the misleading information given by the Team Management.

The team was told in the morning by the Management that there is a change in the match format and it's going be a 20-20 match today. The team was shocked by the sudden change in the match format and couldn't believe what they heard. But they were convinced by the Management and said that it will be a good practise for them to play in IPL. There were also told that Tendulkar knows this earlier and that's why he opted out in the name of injury.

Believing this the Indian team played well to make 76 runs in 20 overs. They felt that it was a good score until that shocking truth was revealed by the management. The management said that it was really a Test match and not a 20-20 one. They had played this prank on the Indian team for an April Fool contest. They also said that they never knew that India would be all out so soon. After India went to bat, the Management had left the stadium to have a tea in the near by Tea Stall. They were planning to reveal the truth after going back to the stadium. But when they came back, it was all over. The Indians were all out even before the tea break. The Indian team was really upset on this with the management as the entire team had planned to go for the movie 'Race' noon show after the match.

But without showing their disappointment, the Indian team admitted that they also played a prank to fool the Team Management and the Indian Fans. That's why they made only 76 runs though there were capable of making 500+ runs like they did in the last match. It was all fun in the dressing room. Hope you all enjoyed too;)