Saturday, 28 June 2008


CLICK is a food photography contest that happens every month and this month’s CLICK is in honour of Briana Brownlow - ‘Bri’ to her friends. I wish Bri a speed recovery. People who would like to contribute to Bri, please click the below link.

This months theme is Yellow. Yellow is the happiest colour in the spectrum. It signifies hope and enlightenment. Though the work of the LiveStrong Foundation, it has also come to signify the fight against cancer.

I'm trying my luck this time and this is my entry for the contest.

I really never planned to participate in this. When I was eating Jack Fruit, this contest suddenly came into my mind and I thought why not we participate? So, I clicked this shot with my EOS-400D camera with 17-85mm lens.

Thursday, 26 June 2008

The Despicable BCCI

When the Australian's said that BCCI is controlling ICC, I said "Why not?". Since BCCI had so much of money to invest in Cricket, why don't they favor BCCI? Also we never got any justice from the ICC for any controversies that happened so far and the judgement always goes in favor of the opponent. But now I changed my stance and I feel that ICC can't just be a doll in the hands of BCCI. Why I say this? Just read on...

I recently read this article(ICL policy could cost England - BCCI) in Cricinfo. After I read it, I was like "it's toooo much and enough is enough". The Gist of it:
"Two weeks after the ECB announced the US$5 million Champions League Twenty20 tournament, England are in danger of not being part of the event with the BCCI officially deciding on Sunday to bar players associated with the unauthorised Indian Cricket League (ICL).

Niranjan Shah, the BCCI secretary, told Cricinfo Pakistan had been asked to join the tournament after the Indian board found it would not be possible to invite English counties due to the ECB's "policy of letting ICL players play in their leagues". The IPL - a part of the Indian board - is the driving force behind the Champions League while the rules for the tournament are currently being framed by Cricket Australia."

IS Bindra, a member of the IPL's governing council, told Cricinfo that "as of now, three [participating] countries are confirmed - India, South Africa and Australia". "Pakistan may be the fourth, but first we have to get a response from the ECB on the ICL issue," Bindra said. "Teams from England can be considered, but only those who don't have players associated with the ICL.

"The BCCI is very clear that ICL players will not be featured in the tournament. If the ECB can't guarantee that it will clear only teams without ICL players for the tournament, then we will look at the replacement."


How can they be so cheap? First they banned the ICL players from playing for India and in any other official BCCI tournaments. Now they don't want them to play for other countries as well? Who the hell are they to ban them from playing cricket in other countries? I just get irritated so much by these kind of mean people in India. They bring in politics wherever they go.

They are not as gentle as the Pakistan Cricket Board too. When Shoib Akhtar was banned from playing in IPL, PCB came down and requested IPL to allow Shoib to play, though he was not allowed to play in Pakistan. Can't BCCI just learn from this? They are earning all these money in Cricket just because of the millions of cricket fans in India. They are nothing if we stop watching cricket.

And another thing I got irritated about is this IPL. These were taken from an interview by Rediff with Lalit Modi, the IPL chairman.

Lalit, how does it feel to look around and go -- I did this?
A: It's a great feeling to find that you can fill a whole stadium up with this kind of enthusiasm that the people have. And you can see that the game hasn't even started today and they're all so lively. And it's absolutely an incredible feeling. It feels great to be able to create a product that everybody loves. And I just happen to be there -- at the right time, at the right moment. And followed the opportunity and were able to go out and launch it.

So there's you know a lot of people making a lot of money off the IPL, but you're not one of them?
A: No I'm not one of them, unfortunately not.

Why not?
A: Well, I do this in an honorary position and BCCI is a charity and a trust. It's a non-profit making organization and we do this for development of the game and I'm passionate about the game. And we do this so that the people in India can enjoy the facilities and we can build a great cricketing culture and we can have great facilities for our players
Just read the words that I highlighted in red above. If there is no ICL there is no IPL. IPL is just copied from ICL and you can't take the credit for it. You don't need to pay them anything for that but just try to be gentle to them. If you are passionate about the game, why do you bar the ICL players? Is this the great cricketing culture you are going to build?

When I read the comments in Cricinfo, I can see that almost everyone wants BCCI to stop this. I was even happy to see everyone blasting BCCI. I got this link from one of that comment. People who think likewise, should go to this link and send your feedback to ICC. Hope ICC will take some action.

Monday, 9 June 2008

Kung Fu Panda - Don't miss it

Actors: Jack Black (Voice), Jackie Chan (Voice), Dustin Hoffman (Voice), Angelina Jolie (Voice)Lucy Liu (Voice) Produced by: Melissa Cobb
Directed by: Mark Osborne, John Stevenson
Distributed by: DreamWorks Animation, Paramount Pictures

When I booked the tickets for this movie, I wasn't that keen to see this movie. Since my wife who loves animation movies had suggested this instead of 'The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian', I opted for this. Moreover, there are no other good movies this summer and I'm sure this is going to be a biggest grosser.

This movie is one of the best Hilarious Animation movie I've ever seen. It is a full length comedy movie and I'm sure you are going to hurt your stomach laughing so hard. The cute and funny expressions of the Po(The Panda), witty dialogues, fascinating and beautiful sceneries of ancient China makes this a Wonderful Movie.

The story line is, Po's(Gaint Panda) father runs a noodle shop who wants Po to take over the shop from him and the secret ingredient of making noodle but Po always dreams of becoming a kung fu champion. With the expected twist of events, Master Oogway(Tortoise) designates Po to be the Dragon Warrior to fight the evil warrior Tai Lung(Snow Leapard) to bring peace to the Valley of Peace. Tai Lung was the former student of Master Shifu(Red Panda), Master Oogway's protege.

This upsets Master Shifu and his five students Master Tigress, Master Crane, Master Mantis, Master Viper and Master Monkey. The rest of the story is how Po gains other's confidence, learns Kung Fu and defeat's Tai Lung. Angelina Jolie has lend her voice to Master Tigress, Lucy Liu for Master Viper and Jackie Chan for Master Monkey. Though the story seems to be an action movie, it's a great comedy movie. Even the stunt scene's will be funny like in Jackie Chan's movie. I'm planning to go for it the second time. So, don't miss it.

Click here for the movie official website.

Saturday, 7 June 2008

Pappu Can't Dance but TR Can

Have you heard the latest A.R. Rahman's album? It's for the film 'Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na'.

As usual all the songs are superb and peppy. You can download the songs from here. This Pappu Can't Dance is one of the song and it's a very good dance number.

Coming to the subject, ever since I saw the movie 'Veerasamy' in Sun TV last week, I haven't been able to get it off my mind. As and when I hear this Pappu Can't Dance song, TR comes to my mind with his hip hop dance moves.

So, I just thought of just remixing his video for this song and here it is. Hope you people enjoy it;)