Thursday, 29 November 2007

First Step!

Taking the first step has always been so difficult. Be it trying a new thing or confessing one's love or trying to quit any bad habit, the first step we take is the most crucial and important. Once we take the first step, we are already half successful. I always take the first step during every new year and I'm always only half successful;)

Confused? Taking the first step only is not enough. We should get down to the task until we are through. I never do that. "Jack of all trades, master of none" exactly suits me. So you got it now? That's how I started writing blogs but I don't want to stop this aleast as I really enjoy it. I'v been writing blogs in Tamil for 6 months now. So, I thought I would also start writing blogs in English as I don't want to mix Tamil/English in the same blog. That's why I'm starting this new blog.

I hope I can post something here which really entertains you all! I wish myself all the very best for taking this first step once again;)